d66 Landshut Mini-Classes

Darkworm Colt has released their Arnesonian rules under the name “The Landshut Rules”. I really like these. They seem simple, fun, and hackable. To pair up with the “note one special power” idea, I’ve written out d66 (that is to say, roll 1d6 for tens and 1d6 for units; 36 in total) classes that could work with these rules. Have fun!

1x: Martial Classes

  1. Archer. Your arrows can penetrate targets and find their mark in unlikely circumstances.
  2. Ranger. You can commune with animals and find paths through the wilderness.
  3. Barbarian. You can go berserk.
  4. Knight. You command respect and loyalty from your followers and the nobility.
  5. Warrior-poet. Your tales of valor and bravery inspire those around you.
  6. Dancer. Your fluid movement lets you dodge deathblows and confound opponents.

2x: Roguish classes

  1. Locksmith. You can unlock, or lock, doors with ease.
  2. Burglar. You can get in to places where you think there’s treasure without triggering traps and surprises.
  3. Bard. Your music is magical.
  4. Rake. You always seem to know the right person to get you out of trouble.
  5. Ninja. You can use ninjutsu - a ninja’s special, near-magical powers.
  6. Mobster. You’re connected with crime groups, and they can help you out when in civilization.

3x: Wizards

  1. Black Mage. Your magic is destructive and dangerous.
  2. White Mage. Your magic is near-holy in nature.
  3. Red Mage. You can cast spells (white or black) in armor and fight with weapons.
  4. Blue Mage. When hit with a monster’s special ability, if you survive, you can learn it and use it yourself later.
  5. Summoner. You can summon all sorts of helpful and dangerous creatures from other planes to do your bidding.
  6. Illusionist. You can dazzle and deceive with your magic.

4x: Hedge Wizards

  1. Witch. Your powers are earthly and midwife-y. Think of the witches of Terry Pratchett.
  2. Sorcerer. Your powers come from your force of will and personality.
  3. Alchemist. You can brew potions with both helpful and harmful effects.
  4. Necromancer. You can commune with the dead.
  5. Shadow. Your body is shadow; you can melt into the shadows, and strike with dark powers from within them.
  6. Darkfriend. The forces of darkness owe you favors, and you can use these to your own terrible ends.

5x: Religious types

  1. Paladin. You can lay on hands to heal the righteous and burn the unworthy.
  2. Ascetic. The more damage and decay done to your body, the greater your spiritual powers.
  3. Shaolin Monk. You fight unarmed as if using a medium weapon.
  4. Preacher. Any time you’re in civilization, you can proselytize and gain a squadron of zealous followers.
  5. Druid. You can commune with animals, and have mastery of herblore.
  6. Demonslayer. Your holy powers are deadly effective against creatures of hell and the undead.

6x: Race-as-class

  1. Kobold. You can build hilarious traps (the more Rube Goldberg-y the better) and fight well in packs.
  2. Pack of Goblins. You are actually a bunch of goblins who aren’t very powerful individually, but all together make a deadly force.
  3. Dragonborn. You have a breath weapon.
  4. Wood Elf. You are great with bows and are incredibly stealthy and agile when in natural surroundings.
  5. Fey. You can commune with the powers of nature. Iron is your weakness.
  6. DORF! You can see in the dark and are a master craftsman.

Bonus! d6 overpowered classes

You probably don’t want to run these unless your players earn them, or someone gets really salty about having a lot of characters die.

  1. Chronomancer. You can travel through time.
  2. Dragoon. You ride a large dragon. It takes your hits for you.
  3. Blademaster. You cannot be defeated in single melee combat.
  4. Sniper. You can shoot with perfect precision.
  5. Lucky Bastard. The less likely you are to succeed at something, the more likely you actually do succeed. When you roll 2d6, doubles add and reroll.
  6. Wise Mentor. You always seem to be two steps ahead of all the other players. The DM has to reveal secrets to you 4-in-6 times, but you can only reveal them by speaking in riddles. Think Gandalf, OT Obi-Wan, or the Seventh Doctor.

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