House Rules

We play a GLOG-a-like game at my table, but with “innovations” from 0e and B/x.

  1. Armor class is 9 for unarmored, 2 for plate + shield. It’s just easier. Think of it this way: the best armor is “first class”. To hit: 20 - Your HD - Opponent’s AC.
  2. Fighters get a HD per level; everyone else gets one every odd level. Maximum HD is 11; you get a +1 to your HP instead of a HD from then on.
  3. No clerics. Healing done by a “white mage” class, to be built later.
  4. Milestone levelling up.
  5. Classes are GLOG-like, with GLOG magic.
  6. Races are GLOG-like.
  7. No variable weapon damage. HD are 1d6 unless otherwise stated. Heroes always have at least 6 hp.
  8. At chargen, you can choose an “adventurer pack” or “martial pack”; you get more general adventuring equipment, or better armor and weaponry.
  9. Usage dice!
  10. The usual dual wielding method - roll damage twice, take the better roll.

I use Skerples’ and Arnold K’s GLOG rules, Delving Deeper + LBBs, B/X + B/X companion.

I advise my players to just say what they want to do and I’ll adjudicate what happens.

Posted in DMing on 2019-12-06.
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